Project window - show only the tracks that have parts with unmuted notes [inside cycle]

Hi there! In large templates it would be helpful to have a function that automatically makes the project window display tracks that have parts with MIDI notes in them. This way I think it would be easier to edit different sections of a song. You would just set the left and right locator, then execute the function, at which point the project window will show only the tracks that have some content in them. In addition, MIDI filters could be added (so that—for example—only tracks that have notes above middle C are displayed).

Thank you.

When not in Page Mode, it turns out that the score editor has this option ( in the Zoom pop-up menu located above the scrollbar at the far right):


It’s the closest thing I have to what I’m asking, for now at least. Thank you! Would be also nice to have something like it in the project window, and for the notes inside cycle (or not)…