Project Window > Track list. "Add" is redundant

Please remove the “Add” word in this drop-down menu. Thank you.



It must be there in my opinion. Otherwise new user doesn’t know, what happens with the given track. You just right-click to the track list, you don’t know (as a new user), this means to add a track.

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@alin89c Just about every post you submit is a complaint and I wonder why you even use Cubase if it is such a burden to you. Do you even find time to actually use it? Nobody wants the change except you.

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New users should read a quick reference guide. It’s ok if the “add” word doesn’t get removed. I just think it might be easier to select “Chord Track” using “C” key on the computer keyboard. Or “Group Track” using “G” key.

I don’t mind if you have a different opinion.

C key is already a shortcut to enable the metronome. I’m sure you can change it in a preferences if you’d like. G is zoom out. The point I’m making is people have been using this software for decades. To make money. You can’t go changing what people are used to. That would be like changing all the different screwdriver types to something completely different and nobody would be able to fix anything. The purpose of the program is to get used to it. For some people it is a tool not just a hobby.

I don’t see the connection between what I said and what you replied.

Read between the lines

When a (dropdown) menu is open or a textfield is active, those key commands don’t apply and you can use the keyboard to navigate or input text.
I believe that’s what @alin89c ment .


Yeah but my point is that what alin89c is talking about is not revelent nor does it help the forum to resolve any issues or give any tips. He just constantly fills the forum with complaints and things he wants changed but he’s obviously running on an old version. This is cubase 12 drop down add track menu. It looks nothing like the one he posted or is complaining about. He can do what he wants but it just gets tiring to see so many complaints. I come to the forum to see subject matter on Cubase, insight and tips in particular. He should be sending this stuff to the complaint department at Steinberg. It’s a rarity to have a discussion about the perks of Cubase and how we can make each other better. But thanks for trying to explain his point, my advice to him, upgrade then talk about what needs to be done.

The drop-down the OP is talking about is activated in C12 by right-clicking in a blank part of the Tracks part. However, the prefixed word “Add” is necessary for all these menu items as there is no parent group “Add” menu item in this case. So, it’s highly unlikely Steinberg will change this.

@Phillipus, thanks for sharing your perspective on the subject. The Cubase documentation calls the “Tracks part” the Track List (just so you know…).

Reply for Wickham_Sky

Thanks, mate. You really seem to know me. But what exactly is “revelent”? I couldn’t find it in the dictionary… :ghost:

Nope. I use multiple versions. For example, 10.5 is the best version for the score editor (it allows me to use custom fonts on MAC). For some reason, Cubase 11 and 12 have some issues… At least on macOS Catalina (10.15.7)…
Anyway, the drop down in Cubase 12 looks the same as in Cubase 11…

The drop-down menu that I posted (or am complaining about :ghost:), is from the Track List (right click on the window section where tracks appear when they are added)…

I feel you, brother… :ghost:

And I come to the forum to complain :sunglasses:. Your point is?

You may have a point here, but look what Csiszár Ferenc at Steinberg told me in an email:


On Monday, February 17, 2020, 05:17:31 PM GMT+2, Steinberg Support Romania wrote:

Dear Alin,

I just got the answer from the second level support and it is the following:


unfortunately, our team does not have the time and resources at DistSupport to process Feature Requests.

We have decided that these should be handled over the forum: Topics tagged cubase-10

The guys from Engineering and Marketing will take the ideas from there that are ready to get implemented.

Please feel free to ask if you have any other questions."

So please send your suggestion to the thread described above in the future.

Thank you for your understanding!

Best Regards,

Csiszár Ferenc

Steinberg Support Romania


My apologies, you have the freedom to do whatever you want. I guess my request is they have a section on the forum that is for complaints in a section that is for discussion. You’re all right with me. It’s nothing personal and after seeing the response you got from Steinberg I take responsibility for steering the conversation in a direction that does not help the matter. Peace love and happiness :blush:
P.s. thank you for correcting my sloppy typing error.

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I do think it’s a Mac OS thing though. I’m on a Windows based computer and I can’t find that drop-down menu anywhere, Even next to the tracks on the project window.

Oh … yes, we all should remain kind also to a person who’s passion is about spelling mistakes, wording and other semantics and not so much about music.

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No, it’s not just a Mac thing. Right-click in an empty part of the Tracks list area (at the bottom).

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I’m all for the refining of this program. Little things like what is mentioned in the OP are what makes Cubase look tatty. It would look a lot tidier if there was a heading ‘Add Track’ rather than the ‘Add’ word repeated 20 times. Here’s one that seems to have snuck through for far too long. They should be in the same order. Again, tatty. Not to mention the low resolution crappy font being rather hard to read.
Wrong Order

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