Project Window will not appear

Hi all - this is my first post with a question I see arose previously with another forum member
and which required a re-install. In this case the issue includes an error message
and I have also submitted this post in the “issues” forum.
I am hoping to avoid a re-install.

In Cubase 8.05 the project window simply will not appear
I cannot find a way to restore it.

Cubase opens when I click on it and everything begins to open
as normal - except he project window itself. Just last night
everything was fine and I made no changes to anything
related to Cubase windows display or workspaces.

When I open a project one channel setting window does appear.
I am able to open the transport bar window and all
the mix console windows. And if I click play on it I can hear the tracks…

However the project window itself just does not appear anywhere.

I have tried cascading windows but no solution.
The Project window is not hidden behind the task bar or
anywhere else that I can find. I have tried all configurations of
max resolution and all screen display options on my Toshiba laptop.
I am not using a second monitor.

When I “close” the project the transport panel remains… and then
when I then “quit” Cubase altogether my computer
provides an error message saying “Cubase has stopped working.”

I have updated the license today and also tried it in the other USB port.
No result.

Perhaps this is a workspace issue that I just don’t understand?
I have not ever created a specific workspace…

I have looked everywhere but am not finding a simple step
to just “restore” the project window. I have tried every option within
the Cubase menus as far as I can tell.

Any suggestions are most welcome. My own album and clients work are at a standstill.
I am confident support will reply to my email soon - but in the meantime
here is my post.
Thanks for reading!

Hi and welcome,

Try to call any factory Workspace, please.

If it doesn’t help, try to start Cubase in the Safe Start Mode, please.