Project with Fixed tempo changes the beat count :/

Hello guys, I have this issue with an old project I have opened in CB 9

The project is all midi events, no audio.
Tempo is fixed.
It starts at 4/4 for the first two measures and jumps to 11/8 from the third measure after.

After going to that beat and changing it back to 1/4 which I want it the metronome to count at, it jumps to 10/8 for some reason. It does not change it for the whole track.

Again, there is no tempo track and I can’t understand how the tempo changes occur

Any thoughts ?

Hi and welcome,

You can set own Click pattern in the Click Patter Editor. Just double-click to the right-top border of the Signature flag to open the editor.

Hi, I know how to change the click pattern from the metronome editor, my problem is that the beat count changes from 1/4 to 10/8 without a tempo track, how’s that even possible?!

Check the screenshot:


I see. You don’t need the Tempo Track visible.

A) This is made in Signature track, not in Tempo Track.
B) If you “Add Tempo Track” you don’t add it in a common sense. You just make it visible. The Tempo Track is always present (you can open Tempo Track Editor in any time, even before you create the Tempo Track). The Tempo Track was in Cubase much earlier before it was present in the Project window.