Project Workspaces work well - until Update Workspace


  1. Create Project Workspace A
  2. Change horizontal zoom settings.
  3. Create Project Workspace B.

Switch between the two workspaces - the horizontal zoom changes as expected.

Update Workspace A
Switch to Workspace B
Switch back to Workspace A - it still has B’s horizontal zoom.

I’ve tried this with existing and new projects - same problem.
The workspaces in the same projects in 7.5.40 work perfectly.

Am I doing something wrong with Cubase 8’s new Project Workspaces, or is this a known problem?


Yes, that’s correct. Zoom level is not part of Workspaces.

Surely, Zoom levels ARE part of Workspaces…!? Remember, he reports that the horizontal zoom changes as expected when simply switching between ‘A’ and ‘B’.

Though, if I’m understanding the sequence of events correctly, described by the OP, then if you last had Workspace ‘B’ open and you pressed to Update ‘A’ - then both ‘A’ and ‘B’ are now the same; switching to ‘A’ won’t change your view at all.

Sorry if I have missed something…

Thank you both for your quick replies.

Horizontal zoom levels are saved when using Workspaces in 7.5.40, but there’s no Update Workspace command in that version - just Lock Workspace.

Yes - both A and B have exactly the same horizontal zoom level (the zoom of level of B).
It’s strange because the track heights and Inspector width of A are not lost after updating it.

There is completely new Worskpaces system in Cubase 8.

As I said: Horizontal Zoom is NOT part of Workspaces in Cubase 8.

Btw: there was something like “update” Workspaces in C7.5.40. All (unlocked, which was the default settings) Workspaces were updated automatically all the time. If you wanted to update your locked workspace, you had to unlock it, and lock it back, in Cubase 7.

Thanks Martin.
Cubase 8 Workspaces - disappointing.
Looks like I’ll have to find a workaround or use Cubase 7.5 for the time being.