Project zoom buttons seem to overlap in some areas.

So I tried to get a better screen grab than what I have but noticed that the mouse cursor doesn’t get captured, which helps illustrate my case.

On the project zoom buttons, it seems that the actual area of the “+” and “-” buttons is overlapped by the scrollbar.

In the image, I showed an area (in red) which shows where the “+” is located (bottom right).

The issue is that when I want to only zoom in, by click on the “+”, Cubase will zoom all the way to maximum zoom because it thinks I am clicking on the scrollbar.

Running Cubase on a 1440p monitor and things are easy to see.

I can get the ‘proper’ behavior only if I click on the right-hand side of the “+”. If I click on the left-hand side of it, I get zoomed in to maximum.