{@projectdatedaynum@} token with leading zero?

Is there any way to get the day number token to display a leading zero for single figure days?

No, I’m afraid not.

Might this (possibly with a different token) be considered for the future? Or perhaps a customizable token where you can specify the date format yourself (like, with strftime format specifiers) – basically one token to rule them all.

I’d be curious to know what your use case is, as I prefer to be given a problem to solve, rather than being told a preferred solution without knowing the actual problem.

I don’t know what Stephan’s use case is, but I suppose somebody might want to make the “UK equivalent” of the ISO8601 date, i.e. 02-05-2019 or 02/05/2019 instead of ISO8601’s 2019-05-02.

That’s what my Windows PC is showing on the date and time display right now.

That’s exactly the case. Currently we have various options including custom order of day, month, and year numbers by using the individual number tokens, but for a completely numeric date with custom order we need digits with leading zeros.