Projects crashing Cubase

Running Elements 9.5 and Komplete 11 - Cubase will close without warning and I when reopen Cubase I see a dialogue box showing that input and output channels are unmapped. I am using Zoom16 as USB interface and when I reengage the audio interface and reopen Cubase all is good except whatever I haven’t saved is gone. Any ideas why this is happening? Can I set up Cubase to auto-save at intervals?


Could you share the crash dump, please?

You can trash your Cubase preferences and keep Cubase to start with a fresh one. Cubase will run deep plug-in scan and might happen it will blacklist some faulty plug-in (s).

What’s a crash dump? How do I retrieve it?

Are you on Mac or Windows?

Windows: Documents/Steinberg/crashdumps
Mac: macOS Utility > Console.

Windows 10, found the files, sent them on to Steinberg support. Anything else I can/should do?


You can send it here, I could resolve it and let you know.