Projects created in 5.54 Crashing when trying to open in 6.5

Thankfully I have Nuendo 5.5 installed and can open them there.
I haven’t had time to do any investigating yet. Just glad they open in 5.5 for now.
Anyone else experience this?
I will investigate and send a support ticket when I have time.
Just wondering if anyone knows of a quick fix or some “in house” plugin that may be causing this.
I don’t have time at the moment to remove all plugins and add them one by one.

These projects are audio based, no vsts. Just lots of audio tracks and plugins.
(Over 100 tracks in most cases)


I’m getting this with N6.0.7 projects. Large projects with many tracks (700 in my case):

Curious to see who else pipes in.

Mine has zero plugins… purely audio editing.


Andrew K

Yea, I’ve seen this before. Can’t remember what versions I was dealing with then though.
This just shouldn’t happen. If a project opens in 5.5 fine, it should always open in 6.5 as well.

It is such a pain to open projects from previous versions.
You have to spend at least 10 minutes just setting up the new mixer so it makes sense again when you look at it. Also, I always have to load in my custom default color palette and then change the tracks colors to make sense as well.

How about a pop up option when opening old projects.
Something like:

Set mixer up from current template or use the old sessions info.
(This template could be created and saved for these situations.)

Use current default colors instead of the original project colors?

And anything else that would make it less time consuming
just to get the project looking like what you are used to. (Version 6.5)

Maybe the new “import session data” function will address this?


And I’m noticing a nasty bug (nasty as it would go un-noticed if batch exporting blind). I found that a N6.0.7 project with 8 channel Music (or Cine) surround routing loses it’s surround mapping when opening it in N6.5. I think it might have something to do with the Nuendo Surround Delay plugin. Since Nuendo does not allow discrete mapping of multi-channel channels to other multi-channel channels (like mapping the ©enter channel of an 8 channel to the Ls to another multi channel bus or output etc.) you have to use the Nuendo Surround Delay as a work-around.

I’m too busy working, but I’ll upload a video and a project file when I get a chance. Something is messed up. I fact, I tried to create the 8 ch. surround in the 7.5 and was getting routing issues… so I went back to N6.0.7


Andrew K