Projects file size of 190 MB

Coming from C6, I was really surprised to see the project file size jumping from 5-10 MB to 100-200MB for the exact same project.

My current project file is 190MB with 6 Kontakt instances, about 25 MIDI tracks, 1 AUDIO track with a Spectralayers extension with 1 edit (vocal removal), 2 FX tracks (1 Valhalla reverb and 1 Reverence reverb) sent to 4 Kontakt tracks, 1 EQ FF Pro Q 3 and that’s about it! (composing stage).

These huge project files make it hard to have multiple versions and saves, this would fill my SSD in about 10 seconds.

Is this normal behavior?


Do you have the latest Cubase 11.0.30 update installed, please? I remember, there was this kind of issue with SpectraLayers. But it has been fixed already (as far as I remember).

Hi, yes .30 has been installed 2-3 days ago and I could witness it again yesterday.

You’re right I investigated and found out Spectralayer is the culprit. It was added at version 4:

So this means there’s an ongoing issue with this (not resolved in .30)?


OK, it seems, I was wrong and the issue has not been fixed for Cubase 11.0.30. But I remember, it has been reported already.