Projects in legacy versions of Cubase

I’ve just tried to load a project from Cubase 12 pro using Cubase 9.5 pro.
It wont do it, so, beware if you wish to use older versions of Cubase to ckeck things out.


In general, it should work.

What exactly happened, please?

When i try to load a song on 9.5 a message says :-
Project “song.cpr” was created with Cubase version 12.0…0
This program version cannot load it.


That’s interesting…

Would you mind to share the project with me (via PM) for the testing purposes, please? Please, share just the CPR file (no WAV) files. Thank you.

Hi Martin,
I’ve just tried it again and it loaded up no problem.
best leave it i guess

Hi Martin,
Being stupid i was trying a different song. The cpr file is too big to upload.

Hi Martin
I’ve learned to compress.her’s the cpr file that will not load on version 9.5
Skewjack To Sennen (1.1 MB)


Sorry for my delay.

I have opened your project with no problem here on my side. I cannot reproduce it, sorry.

Hi Martin,
No biggy, as we say. I’ve worked on the project today in Cubase 11 and it’s fine so i tried in 9.5 and it opened up Ok. At the top it says Cubase version 10.0.41 project.
Like i say it doesn’t matter as we’re not going to lose projects
Thanks for looking

Hi Martin
Just tried this again and got the same thing in 9.5
Cannot open because the project was created in 11.0.41
So, the problem is with Cubase 9.5.
I’ll leave this now as i dont use 9.5 usually. Just thought you’d like to know.