Projects, layers and flows - in context this time

Hello, I apologise for asking these questions yet again, so I have put the problems and questions in the context of what I am hoping to do

Projects, layouts and flows – in organising a piece of music.

In order to try to sort out more information about these musical elements in Dorico I will plan to start on a musical project, and ask questions as I go.

The piece of music is in A – B – A form, an introductory element (A) which is quite fast, with an accompaniment, possibly on a piano. It will be made up of a number of themes, which will be probably written in different flows, to enable them to be used more than once in this part of the piece.

The second element (B) is slower, probably in a related minor key, with different instruments, so it is quite different to the first element. Again, there will probably be a number of themes.

The final element © is a repeat of some of the themes from the first part, with possible references to the second elements themes but in a major way. Again, there will be themes, from both of the other elements, and the possible use of new themes as well.

The themes from all of the elements will be put into a separate project, called, say, Ideas, as separate flows, but the first questions arise : how many layouts would need to be used ? how would the flows be organised – 1 – intro element flows, 2 – slow minor flows , and 3 – new elements for the finale , with the repeated flows from intro flows being used from the first section ?

When to main project is set up - MAIN -, I presume that the initial music can be imported from the first layout/flow, but what does the end of that flow look like – just end of music ? How is the second selected flow added to the project ? This would continue – I think – until the first element is concluded, but what happens then ? Is the layout for the second section (B) then imported, adjusted, then the flows associated with it added ?

Will the third element © need a new layout ? Can the themes needed which were first used in the first element just be pasted in from layout 1, or, as they will have different instruments used, will it be necessary for the themes be repeated in their new form in the third element, together with any new themes (eg a coda in some form) in yet another set of flows in layout 3 ?

Sorry for yet again asking about these, but I thought that if I asked these questions in the context of what I want to do, it would make it easier to understand

As far as layouts go, you need only have as many layouts as different configurations of music you need to show human players. It’s not completely clear to me how many people you are writing for, but it sounds like it will be just for solo pianist? If so, then you need just one layout: a score for the pianist to read. It’s up to you whether you choose to make this the full score layout or the piano part layout that will be created for you automatically. There’s no reason to even make that decision early in the process of putting your music together, since there’s no decision you take in Dorico that is irreversible or impossible to change later on.

If you’re writing for a larger ensemble, you will typically need at least an individual part for each player, and if the work will have a conductor, you may also want to print the full score layout. Otherwise the full score layout might only be necessary during the writing process, so you can see everything at a glance.

In terms of flows, if you conceive of your work as being a single movement in A-B-A’ form, then I would also suggest that you don’t need to use a separate project and lots of flows, though of course you can do so if you like.

On a practical level, it would be better to keep everything inside a single project file, primarily because when you switch back and forth between different projects, Dorico has to reload the sounds needed for each one, and that can take a few seconds and be a bit of a hitch in the process.

And there is a setting whereby you can set the flows to play one after the other without the default break in between.

Yes, in Playback Options (under Timing)


Thanks - it looks as though I will have to start small and simple, and hopefully answer these questions etc at a later date