Prologue and HALion Sonic 3 in Cubase Pro 12.0.70

Hi there,

I’ve recently updated to Cubase Pro 12.0.70 (from Cubase 11) and found out that HALion Sonic 3 is no longer available among the integrated VSTi-s. Moreover, when I imported some Sequel samples, I couldn’t play them back (“!!!Prologue!!!” message in the instrument slot) because Prologue, which used to be part of HALion Sonic SE 3, seems to have been left out by Cubase as well.

Has it been done by design? How do I get Cubase to integrate them?


HALion Sonic has never been part of Cubase license. HALion Sonic SE is part of Cubase license.

Install download and install the latest HALion Sonic (SE) 7 from the Cubase Pro 12 part of the Steinberg Download Assistant.