Prologue Discoveries Trial download link? - [solved]

Hello all,

I foolishly purchased a bunch of trial activation codes this morning (thanks to the valentines offer), and have been wasting much time looking for the trial versions in order for my codes to do something.

I’ve now got everything I bought (WaveLab Elements, Dark PLanet & Padshop Pro with Zero G set) except for the Prologue Discoveries.

With my Cubase 7 installer (Mac OSX), there is an option to download the trial, but it takes me to a web page with a “…will be shortly available” message…

Does anyone know where else I may be able to download the Prologue Discoveries trial so that my code can unlock it?

If it can’t be downloaded/obtained anywhere, why would the shop offer to sell the activation code only (without download)?


Same problem here with Elek Drums. Activation Code only. NO DOWNLOAD LINK. No Trial avaiable. :imp:

Same here (The Grand 3) This sucks BIG TIME! :imp:

Where is my download…???got the activation code ,but no download link…!!!

me 2.

Got it…

Thanks for the link sangeethpp. With your link I can now enjoy what I purchased last week. :smiley:

It’s a shame that Steinberg support have yet to respond to my support request from the 15th…

Many thankx :slight_smile:

Thank you :wink: