Prologue Envelope Generator Question

Trying to work with Prologue.

The manual says that time for Attack Decay and Release is 91 seconds for each.

The User Interface shows “181” (milliseconds???) as highest setting for ADR.

When I try to modify the settings - I get something but very little difference.

I don’t need 90 seconds for each - but I expect something longer than what I am getting

What am I missing?



Have not used Pro in awhile, but I remember that the env section is not the best in the world.

Don’t know, I just know that I kinda gave up on trying to ‘think’ or be accurate when using it. I suggest going thru presets until you find a env sustaining program and check out the envs.

Oh yeah I do remember that there envs can counteract one another, because of the non-intuitive interface. Check every section.