prologue midi control

excuse me if this was already covered, but is it possible to control prologue s parameters via midi?
if not directly then maybe with the help of quick controls?
what i basically want to do is to control some of the parameters with a midi-autoLFO.

There are a bunch of ways to do it.

Arm the MIDI or Instrument track for record. Arm automation. Record and fiddle with some knobs on the synth. Now on the track right click and select show all used automation. You should have some automation tracks that you can manual configure.

Use the Auto LFO MIDI plugin on the MIDI/Instrument Track … set the Controller Type to whatever you want to LFO.

Use Quick Controls. This calls for the well oiled RTFM.

jeah thank you, but i am well aware of how to automate things :slight_smile:

question was to modulate prologue via midi, where can i find the supported controller types or full midi implementation chart of prologue you just mentioned? as far as i know, there is none, hence my question.
the only available controllers seem to be the notorious modwheel, aftertouch, velocity and pitch track.
have a look by yourself!

so the further question is if its possible to control/automate quick controls via a miditrack.
my manual doesnt say anything about that. does yours?

having clearified the above, RTM would be more suiting than RTFM, wouldnt it?
thankyou nevertheless.

Well, in your post you asked if it can be done internally. That’s an internal way. That’s why I provided that bit of info. It wasn’t clear from your question that you knew how to use automation. In fact, it reads exactly the opposite to me.

so the further question is if its possible to control/automate quick controls via a miditrack.

This isn’t a further question. This is the same question you already asked. For which I gave you three MIDI options. Two internal options and 1 external option. All of which allow you to control params of VSTi through the MIDI interface.

my manual doesnt say anything about that. does yours?

Yes, both your and my manual tell us how to use MIDI devices to control plug params via Quick Controls.
Ctrl+F will pop up a little window … type Quick Control in it … hit enter

Quick Controls will respond to any continuous controller message. I’ve used it with an external LFO. I find the internal one much more convenient, but you certainly can use an external one. Start the LFO, go to the Quick Controls setup in Device Setup pick one of the 8 slots, click learn. On the MIDI track, pick the slot you set up using learn and assign it to the param of the VSTi you want to control.

having clearified the above, RTM would be more suiting than RTFM, wouldnt it?

No way, RTFM is both appropriate and time honored.

thankyou nevertheless.

You’re welcome …

^^ i will go on from there, that might be useful for my task. thankyou.

concerning the rest of your post… i dont know, i dont want to get into any fights with you.
some misunderstandings/wrong anticipations on both sides, if you would kindly admit that?
i ll absoluteley admit that my original question wasnt very clearly shaped.

i wasnt talking about any external midi devices or LFOs.
just about the internal Cubase AutoLfo-Midi-PlugIn.
asking about the possibility to let the AutoLfoMidi control a parameter of prologue.
as i couldnt find a mid-implemetation chart for prologue, i was asking the ( for me ) further question if its possible to modulate the value of a quick-control ( which is connected to a parameter of prologue ) with a midi track that has a AutoLfo-MidiPlugIn inserted.

i didnt mention the term “automation” in my OP. ( of course that MAY lead to the conclusion that i dont even know about the existence of automation, but… cmon…you know…)

still at least one question remains unanswered:
is there a midi implementation chart for prologue?

thankyou for your time.

Prologue is not a MIDI device, it is a VSTi. So, I believe the answer to your question is no. It has exposed parameters that you can map as you see fit.

About the fighting … I don’t want to fight either. I’m a bit sarcastic at times. It’s funnier in real life than on a forum :laughing: At least I tell the people I irritate in real life that it’s funnier on forums though.

The problem is that 90% of the questions asked on the forum have direct answer in the PDF manuals. You can just hit CTRL+F type in one of the words and there you are.

Of the remaining 10% a good 9.999% will be solved with a simple google search. for example Prologue MIDI map (answer #1)

After awhile it gets frustrating. Especially when you give the correct answer and get the “no that’s not it” response.

yeah, fair enough.
sorry for your inconvenience then.

i am trying to get that “AutoLfoMidiPlugIn → quick control → prologue parameter” -thing to work now.
thanks again. peace.