Hello, I wonder if somebody somewhere understands Prologue and shares the knowlidge in more depth than what is on the net and youtube. I searched offical Steinberg videos and other usefull Cubase tutorial makers but to little avail.

I dont understand why some presets change sound with OSC3 like in Grand Piano and in some the third oscilator does not make any difference like in Organdhi preset. When I set the same parameters (Knobs,swiches,wave type, LFO tabs parameters…) in Organdi to become Grand Piano, the OSC still did not make any difference. When I use an empty preset , all three oscilators make difference to the sound. However, setting grand piano parameters in there does not create the same or similar sound as grand piano preset(not smooth). And in the envelope tab there are 4 envelopes with their ADSR, there are some parameters in the panes which could be removed or added or changed by right clicking. Well, when I remove the parameters in these panes with grand piano preset, I still get piano sound. With empty preset and emptied parameters I get a never ending sustain which only stops when manualy turn the fqncy cut off down for about 2seconds. I dont understand what the right side panes in the ENV tab are actualy doing with the sound. They make more sense to me when used in LFO tab but when used or removed from ENV tab, I have no clue how to put them to good use (those right pane parameters)
In other instance it looks like Prologue takes all 4 envelopes and uses their ADSRs simultaniously acording to the set kinds and values of parameters in the right side panes.

Some usefull tutorial about this vst would be really appreciated very much. :confused:

Aloha C, and +1.

From the first time I used them (and till now)
Prologue/Mystic/Spector have been problematic.

IMHO you can’t count on them.

Get them sounding just the way you want. Hit Save.
And then open them a day later and they might sound
the same or they may not.

You never know.
Sometimes it’s lil just tweaks in sound/settings that change.
Other times changes can be major.

To be fair there have been fixes issued to these plugs
but I have long since given up on even trying them again.


This is so assuring to learn that it’s not just me.

The modulation is not very intuitive, sometimes doesn’t do what I expect. Just to get simple velocity modulation isn’t so easy. 4 envelopes where I have to go to the manual everytime to remember which controls what, the sound of the synth relies too much on the fx section which seems to scream Steinberg Timbre for some reason.

At the end of the day however, they aren’t horrible by any stretch, they just aren’t fun to program.

thanks Curteye for your fast reply.

I did not know that the personalized saved presets may change themselves over time. I did not get to the stage of wanting to save my presets yet, so I cant tell if it happens on my system (win7 64bit, Artist 6.5.4)

sometimes i notice changes in sounds or vst glitches if I transfer my projects to and fro from my pc to mac( i am doing a sound technology course and they have full C6 on macs) but nothing major. These adjustments to the parameters are only saved with my projects, not on the VSTs themselves and I did not have any issues with that yet if worked with projects on one machine.

I want to understand Prologue on deeper level but I cant find anybody who can teach me more than I already know (not being conceited).
Sure the EFX tab is the easiest part. I have achieved great results with tweaking the LFO tab with various parameters in the right hand panes but these panes in ENV tab have very mysterious outcomes and influances if any but deleting them there and in the ivent tab makes the preset unusable. And what functions have this layout of 4 envelopes there I do not know. One envelope yes but why 4 ? which part of ADSR and which envelope is playing at the given time ? Can somebody answer that in some comprehensive way please ? Thank you :nerd:

Hi mpayne0

thank you too for your reply.
It is not very intuitive but when the LFO tab started making sense to me, that part is really great fun to use for fqcy cut off, volume, panning, even tied to velocities and to an automation track.
When I tweak my sounds I turn the effect section(EFX tab) off(all inactive) and it helps to hear what you do with the parameters on the main face and the lfo tab, I am not big fan of effects anyway. sure it would help to hear the tweaks in the ENV tab if I understood it a bit more.

it would be great if Steinberg provided some logical effective explanation/tutorial to it and I am sure, Prologue and the other “blue faced VSTs” Cubase members would gain a wider fan base. I hope it will happen one day. :bulb:

You certainly can read up on Prologue in the Cubase Documentation (Help menu in Cubase).

It explains what each of the 4 envs are hardwired to and everything else you would need to know. Generally, I’ll skim the manual and use it long enough to get a sound out of it, then forget how to use it all over again. Anyway I really prefer Mystic and Spector, Just now getting into the newer ones, looks like much better direction there.

Yes, thank you, I am just reading the pdf manual about prologue and it cleared a few bits and pieces for me but it does not explain the complexity it suegests and when I think I am about to find out it says : “Using the same basic method, you can add any number of modulation destinations for the envelope” and the paragraph with the ENV tab is shown with LFO tab picture.
In ENV tab I tested the ASDR only makes an audible difference with the envelope with volume parameter. If you put OSC3 Pitch with envelop4 is the same as putting it with 1,2 or 3, and it aplies to retrigge+punch on/off even though they dont show on the other envelopes right hand panes. It looks like the right hand panes for your parameters you want to use are there in case you ran out of space, like if you were writing a document in microsoft word and used its page 2,3,4 but still the same document - still the same envelope in prologue. The pictures of the 4 ASDR envelopes on the left could have been layed out as one envelope with asdf parameters/sliders and page swich button 2,3,4 for an extra display space for your parameters.
i have to admit that I did not test having more than one envelope with volume parameter in use. I see no use for parameters like : ENV1 Attack, ENV1 Decay, ENV1 Sustain, Env1 release, and the same for ENV2,3 and 4 - because what you hear regarding ASDR parameters is in the ENV with volume parameter, and the ones I just mentioned have no effect. Also when I had cut off parameters in ENV and EVENT tabs then the use of LFO tab almost has no effects.

I test parameters in Prologue with:
All parameters emptied (or CTRL+clicked) and deactivated - everywhere.
There have to be 2 parameters in use:
In ENV tab - ENV1 mod dest pane with Volume 99 parameter
In EVENT tab Velocity mod dest 50

Then I can start tweaking sounds with more effect and logic and then the LFOtab with cut off parameter has a massive effect, I mean really massive in clarity too.
Did you try that ?
I hope that when I understand Prologue, then the Spector and Mystic will be easier to learn.

I will read the manual again :slight_smile:

Great! And please let us know sup?

And I too will pitch in on this.
I have not touched them in almost a year but this coming week-end I’ll
take a lil time and do a couple of ‘test’ projects to see if any of the ‘fixes’
worked well enough to be able to call those three plugs ‘stable’
and ‘consistent’.

I’ll then post back here sup?

I too do like the sound of all these plugs but as mpayne0 posted:

they aren’t horrible by any stretch, they just aren’t fun to program.


Hello and my apologies for my belated response. I got distracted by meeting deadlines in my sound composition class (use of full cubase6) which I have finnished with merrits. And also my pc packed in at home and had to send it for repairs and testing. New motherboard was installed and thankfully all is working fine now.

thanks again for your replies.

I use cubase artist 6.5 on my own machine.

Regarding stability of prologue- after saving a project, the presets in it always sounded the same, prologue seems to be stable. (well,mostly I use it for noise swishes and raisers)

Mystic and Spector(tested on 3 projects)
two days ago I started to delve into these two vsts with the help of tutorials at soundonsound website.
I observed no alteration of sounds of Mystic.
Spector changed its raster control setting in one instance out of 3.

So jury is still out as I am not sure if that Spector change was caused accidentally by me after exporting/mixing down.

Best Regards