Prolonging the switch to an isntrument

Is there a work around for this?

The client wrote this in a way where sometime the character speaks on a single lined staff and then sings on the 5-line staff. For the most part this works, but this part in the score creates a lot of clutter. Is there a way to prolong the switch a few bars to get rid of this? The layout of the score just doesn’t justify a system or frame break.

A common workaround is to apply a Chord Symbol Region later in the first instrument, so Dorico doesn’t make the change until after then. You can then hide any actual chord symbols if needed.

Can you go into this a little deeper? I tried adding a chord symbol but it just applied it to the 5 staff part and didn’t solve the issue. Thank you.

Not a chord symbol, but a Chord Symbol Region. If I have this in Galley …

then I have this in Page, which is what I assume you don’t want.

If I add a Chord Symbol Region in Galley like this …

… then I get this in Page:

Is that what you want? Unfortunately, you also get this in the Part:

Until the developers allow us to specify a “late” instrument change, there’s not really a good way to do this when the number of staff lines change. (For instruments where it’s consistently a 5-line staff, you can do it with independent key sigs and clefs.)

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Beautiful! Thank you!

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