Prompt for S-Gear license on opening Cubase 10.5

The Slate Digital subscription service just discontinued Scuffham amps from the bundle which is fine with me. However every time I open Cubase Pro 10.5 I keep getting prompted to take an action on S-Gear - submit to a trial, buy it, or activate it.
In my iLok manager it shows the license as expired but I cannot deactivate it or remove it.
In Cubase plugin manager it no longer shows in the list so I can’t remove it there.

Any suggestions on removing it so that I no longer have to click through the prompt on Cubase startup?


Can you remove it from add remove programs if on windows?

Search on your hard disk, if you find any left over plugin vst3 or dll. Most probably Cubase loads it at start, even if it doesnt show in the plugin manager.

I’m using Cubase on a Mac so neither suggestion seems relevant. I’ve searched for files with the name and found an application but deleting it doesn’t satisfy Cubase on startup. I think the culprit is a line in an XML file somewhere but I’m not at comfortable with screwing with any of those.