Prompt to select audio interface after almost every boot or reboot

So it seems this has been around for a while, but I apologize, I simply don’t have hours to read through pages and pages of threads, and I thought I would bring it up just to keep it current, since it seems that it’s not getting fixed.

Since installing Cubase Pro 12 (first Cubase or Steinberg product I ever had, so no remnants of previous Cubase versions), almost every time I launch Cubase the first time after a reboot, or booting up the Mac for the first time any day, I get this:

The two items called LF32TU87 are the two Samsung monitors I have, which like most companies have the annoying habit of including an audio device just because it has a headphones output, and macOS doesn’t provide a way to delete them like Windows does (I think).

Usually I select the UMC404HD 192k (my actual audio interface), click OK, and Cubase loads just fine.

But today I got an extra weirdness, which is something I only got the first time I ran Cubase after installing the first time, and I think after the update we had a few weeks ago:

And even more weird, is that when I click on the triangle to assign the ports, I see this:

So it was giving me the two monitors, and not the Behringer audio interface, which is the first time it happens ever.

I clicked cancel, Cubase finished opening, and when I went to the studio setup, right below Audio System, where usually I see UMC404HD 192k, now I see LF32TU87. I was able to change it by going into the audio system and the ASIO driver list was showing the UMC404HD 192k, so it’s fine now, but I thought it was rather strange, because that never happened before, especially because when I was prompted to choose the audio interface in the New Audio Drivers Found dialog, I chose UMC404HD 192k.

Granted, this might have to do with the fact I opened Cubase in Rosetta 2 in this particular occasion, but I thought I’d post about it anyway.


This might be the reason.

I would try to reinstall your Audio Device driver and make sure, the latest version is in use. Just in case…