Promptly create a project given an audio file


Often I have a single audio file ( .mp3) that I would like to change its pitch and loop it for practicing. What is the fastest way to create a project given an audio file?

This is what I am doing?

  1. Load Cubase ( 30 seconds minimum)
  2. Create a new project empty project and create a new folder and top the project (20 sec)
  3. drag and drop the .mp3 file

Not sure, maybe using an apple script?

Any help would be appreciated.

Well you could eliminate one step by launching Cubase via a cpr file instead of creating something new, than later save-as with the title you need.

Thanks, Steve. In fact, right after this email, I created an alias on my desktop. However, how can I speed up the load time!

Let’s say I don’t need any plugin and disable program preferences and deactivate all third party plugins. If I use safe mode, I need to select “registration”, splash screen, etc. Can we speed it up further? It reduced to 30 seconds now.

It would speed up, if I could somehow bypass Cubase for checking hardware and even internal plugins, etc.

I was hoping I could right-click on an audio file and select Cubase to open it and create the project! But I think it is not possible.