Propagate inserted page template changes?

I’ve inserted a couple of new pages in my instrument part layout, using one instrument as a guinea pig:.


The bottom panel shows that I set local properties globally.

Since then I’ve added a bunch of additional instruments to the project but I can’t figure out a way to propagate my page insertions to those parts. (I’m reading through multiple posts but some of the terminology is very confusing to me so I thought I’d ask here).

Is there a way? Thanks!

The Locally/Globally Properties panel scope toggle is just that: a scope for the Properties panel (and limited Edit menu operations) only. It doesn’t affect things like page template changes.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way of “batch inserting” page template changes into multiple layouts at once.

You could duplicate this layout, then for each duplicate, re-assign players to it: that will retain the page overrides.

Thank you @Lillie_Harris. For future reference, should I have populated my entire instrument list first in order to have these page insertions apply to all of the parts?

No, there’s no way to make master page changes apply to all parts in one go.