Propagate layout for single measures?

Is it possible to propagate the layout of a set of measures only ot other layouts?

No, your options are either to propagate the property settings of individual items (like whether a cresc appears as a hairpin or text) to all layouts in which those items appear, or propagate part formatting throughout an entire part layout to other part layouts.

Can you describe the scenario you’re in, or share some pictures or something, for more context? it’s possible that there’s another way of achieving it, it just depends on what you want to end up with.

Thank you for clarifying. I just have inserted a short aleatoric section with a lot of fiddling of individual placements in parts and wanted to propagate this from one part to the others - without resetting an already existing layout.

Depending on how final this excerpt is, you could always export it from the fixed layout as a graphic slice, then add that in a graphics frame to all the other parts? You could even incorporate the graphics frame into a custom page template, and reuse that for all the parts (rather than adding the frame manually into each layout; easier and quicker to do, and more consistent result).

The downside is if you need to change the content of the graphic slice, you’d need to re-export it and re-add the image to the graphics frame; it wouldn’t retain the automatic link that music frames have to their content.