Propagate local properties to global properties

In a long piano concerto I changed in the piano part in the full score layout manually hundreds of stem directions and cautionary accidentals by mistake in mode “local properties”. Of course all these changes don’t show up in the single piano part for the piano player.
Is there a way or workaround to propagate these changes from full score layout into part layout? Having selected only notes (properties are visible) Edit/Propagate Properties does not work. (I have read the manual and the comments about this issue here in the forum.)

I would expect changes you have made in the full score to be propagable to the part via Edit > Propagate Properties. That’s exactly what that feature is designed to do, so if it’s not working, that’s mysterious and we should investigate. Can you attach the project here, or send it to me via email at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de?

IIRC some features propagate in Engrave mode and some in Write mode, so I usually propagate twice when I want to make sure the parts are duplicates.

Problem solved! I made a stupid selection mistake. Sorry to have bothered you, and thanks a lot for your replies.