Propagate position property?

I don’t know whether this is a bug or I’m just misunderstanding how “propagate properties” works. I’ve moved a segno mark and want to apply this change to all parts but selecting it and doing “propagate properties” apparently does nothing. :question: How can I propagate the position of things like that to all parts?

And also, unrelated to that, why are there different offset properties, one in the “Common” category and a “Start offset” in the “Repeat markers” category, where the first one, if changed manually, is also doing nothing to the selected item?

I don’t believe property propagation applies to system objects.

If you refer to the first, second, etc. endings, I guess there are two properties because the repeat marker is actually a line, and it has a start and end position. The more general offset option, under “Common”, has no effect in this case, but I guess is kept so if you make a multiple selection of items, you can still apply that value to other items, since the only editable properties in a group selection are the common ones.

I also tried today the propagate properties of offsets in system objects, but it doesn’t work, and I can understand why.

The thing is that I have many parts that basically have the same layout. I can propagate the general layout like system breaks but all system indentations and system objects (like the aforementioned segno mark or text items that are the same in every part) all need to be moved manually. This becomes tiresome with 20 or more parts.

Or does anybody have another trick to automate that?

Well, you could hack the JSON file to add a key command to set the offset to a certain value. I did that to add a key command to change notes to be cue sized. Works great.

Then toggle through the layouts and key-command each setting.

For the record, it’s something like

"UI.InvokePropertyChangeValue?Type=kRepeatMarkerDx&Value=NUM"  : [ "Ctrl+Shift+9" ]

where NUM is the numerical value of the X-offset, and Ctrl-Shift-9 is the key command (or assign your own). For the Y-offset, change Dx to Dy. I’m sure there’s a more elegant way to combine the two, but I’m not a coder…

And I would imagine it’s stored in the “kGlobal” section of the keycommands_en.json file.