Propagate properties and quarter tones


In my score I’m using a Bb with an arrow down. In the original solo part layout, it is the same note. However, in a new layout I created, it is a Bbb with an arrow up. The propagate properties function doesn’t change anything. I’ve noticed it does the same bug for each quarter tone with an arrow down. Is it a bug?

Please see this earlier thread.

In my case, it is not a transposing instrument, but a violin. Also, it works well in my original solo part layouts. It is only when I create new layouts that I encounter this enharmonic problem, and only with accidentals with an arrow down.

In any other case (in none transposing instruments), microtonal or not, any enharmonic change in the conductor layout applies in all other layouts.

Or maybe I didn’t understand something in the thread?

PS :

  • If i use the enharmonic shortcuts on the Bb arrow down note, I can get : Cbb arrow down, Bbb arrow up, A# arrow down, Gx arrow up, but there is no way to get Bb arrow down again. It’s like if Dorico forgets to consider Bb arrow down as en enharmonic spelling of these other notes. This might be linked to the problem I just mentioned…

Regardless of whether the instrument is transposing or not, are the layouts you’re creating (or your existing ones) set as Transposed or Concert? If there’s a mismatch between them then you can expect this sort of inconsistent spelling.

Oh you’re right! It was set as transposed. Now it works, thanks a lot!

Then, what I wrote as a PS was not linked to my problem. But I think it is still an issue. Why Dorico doesn’t consider notes with an arrow down as a possible enharmonic spelling? (it does that both in concert and transposed layouts)

As you increase the number of divisions of the octave, the number of enharmonic choices for every discrete pitch grows. Dorico doesn’t show all of them when you use Alt+= and Alt± to respell the pitches. You can however set the desired accidental from the Accidentals section of the Key Signatures panel in Write mode.