"Propagate Properties" does not propagate the custom scale of Segno mark


I have experienced that “Propagate Properties” does not propagate the custom scale of Segno mark.

“Segno” mark of Dorico is relatively small. Thus it is not easy to find it on scores.
I increased the size using the “custom scale” in “Custom” tab in the Properties panel, then tried to synchronise using “Propagate Properties”. However, it does not work.

Is it intended behaviour?

Propagate doesn’t work for system objects, of which a segno is one.

Is there then a way to enlarge this symbol generally?
I changed the size of “Repeat Endings Font” of “Font Styles” in “Engrave mode”, but it does not change the size of “Segno”.

Probably currently not… I found a related thread:

Here it is:

Thank you very much!

So that there’s a text searchable answer: it’s Engraving Options > Repeat Markers > Design. There are two settings for Scale Factors. I find 150% works well.
Engraving Options should be project-wide, so no need to Propagate.

I use 150% too!