propagate properties: hiding chords

Something that’s not behaving the way I would expect it to:

-In write mode in the score, I hide a few chord symbols that are not necessary for that particular instrument. (this instrument is using chord symbols 90% of the time but there are a few 4 bar sections here and there where they are not needed, I’d rather do it this way than create chord symbol regions for the majority of the piece)
-with chord signposts visible, I use ctrl+shift+A to select all the chord symbols in the part, hidden and visible.
-I then use propagate properties, expecting the hidden chord symbols in the score to also be hidden in the part now.
-the chord symbols are not hidden in the part, I must do it manually.

Is this the way Dorico is supposed to behave or am I doing something wrong?

I’m not going to attempt to rephrase what Daniel’s previously said on the subject:

The features that I was alluding to in my previous reply as quoted by Leo now exist, of course: you can use chord symbol regions to show chord symbols only where needed, or indeed show them only during slash regions. (Those features were added in Dorico 3.0.)

Most of my projects are single line lead sheets requiring chord symbols throughout. It would be nice to have a properties switch to designate the entire project as a chord symbol region and dispense with the distracting grey marker line.

Welcome to the forum Chris - If you want to show chord symbols throughout the whole project for a particular player, you can simply show chord symbols for that player and in the corresponding layouts. Chord symbol regions are really for when you want to show chord symbols in just a specific section and not elsewhere.