Propagate respelling from one part to another part of the same instrument

I have an uncommon and niche problem, but maybe the gurus of the forum can help me.

I’m preparing parts in two different formats. One is to be printed in portrait for rehearsals, another one is to be displayed in a computer in landscape. It’s for saxophones, so I had to do some respelling in the parts. However, when I create a new part, those respellings are not carried over (which makes sense).

I know that propagating from part to score has been addressed in this forum and is not possible, at least at the moment. However, what I’m looking for is to propagate from one part to the same part in another layout.

Any suggestions?

Unfortunately there is no way to do this at present. We would need to add a specific feature to copy the pitch values from one layout to another layout. This isn’t a bad idea by any means, but unfortunately it’s not likely to be something we can add imminently.

Hi there

If time is of the essence, I think I’d make a copy of the Dorico file and change the page orientation of the relevant part. But then I guess you’d have to maintain two files of the piece for the rest of eternity.


Thank you both for your replies! For this specific case I’m just going to reapply the enharmonics. Those are short snippets and some of the respellings were missing or wrong anyway.