Propagate Start Offset

Hello, it would be amazing if a feature was implemented that would allow me to apply a change to system objects such as Rehearsal Marks and Tempo Text to all parts. Thank you!

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Isn’t that the normal behaviour anyway? Most properties of system objects like these are automatically visible everywhere. What changes do you want to make that aren’t normally reflected in all parts?

I have the same experience. For example, I like to put my Coda sign in front of a staff that starts at a new line and is indented. But while the indentation of the staff is propagated, the position of Coda markers isn’t, I have to move it in every part.

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Oh, Yes!! That is something I’m waiting for a long, long time …
Either be aligning the Objects let’s say to the frame or page margin or indeed by changing the placement globally and not locally. Coming from Sibelius, I’m somwhat disappointed that Dorico still lacks this fundamental layout option. But hey, keep fingers crossed for version 4!

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Absolutely agree! Has it been announced yet when v4 is going to be released?

No. It has been explained, relatively recently, that the Dorico team are working on some other exciting thing (not to mention various slightly less exciting things), and that Dorico 4 isn’t imminent.

See e.g.