Propagate System Text Formatting

Hey there!

Does anybody know a way how to propagate the formatting of system text & rehearsal marks from one part to another?
f.ex. I would want to avoid having to manually drag system text to align with rehearsal marks as in the screenshot…


Actually, Propagate Properties does that, but to all Layouts… So there might be some corrections to make to your full score.


Thanks, Marc!
It would be great if Dorico could always do the layout of the rehearsal mark with the system text in the same way so that I wouldn’t have to manually drag text around (f.ex. that the layouout of letter B + Grooving Orchestra is also applied to letter C etc.).
Do you know if there is a way to realize that?

What you can do is make sure that the system text position (not sure there is a setting specific for system text) in Engraving options matches the vertical position of the rehearsal marks (say, 2 spaces), and then use a rhythmic position one quarter later so that both items do not collide?

That’s problematic for resting players, though, as placing a text item anywhere other than the downbeat will split the multibar rest.

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