Propagating stem direction to parts

Would someone be able to confirm whether or not the flipping of stem directions can be propagated from score to parts? I’ve searched the forum and have found seemingly conflicting information. It’s certainly not working for me which is very frustrating. Unfortunately I didn’t have the foresight when working on the score to set properties to Globally when making these changes. Related to this it would be useful if the flipping of a stem had a status switch in the properties panel. Nb I’m using version 3.5.

Many thanks.

It should be included when you propagate, yes. If for some reason it doesn’t, reset the stem direction, change the property scope, and re-flip the stem.

Thank you Lillie. The flipped stems are not propagating - are there known reasons as to why this might be? I see it’s possible this can happen with XML imports, but my project was input in Dorico from scratch. I’m talking about 91 pages of score with lots and lots of flipped stems and it looks like I’m going to have to go through the whole lot and reflip - a very unwelcome prospect all because I didn’t think in advance to change globally.

Lacking any display of stem direction overrides … I wonder if it would be possible to find every occurrence of flipped stems by examining the code of the Dorico file itself.

If you could send me the project, Jeremy, I can take a look.