Proper 4K / HiDpi implementation

Hi Steinberg / everyone,

When Cubase 10 got released last November, I was pretty excited about the HiDpi option (finally!), which was featured in the advertisements.
But disappointing to see it’s been unusable to me (and lots of others).
I have a HP Z43 4K (42.5" 3840x2160) monitor and a BenQ 32" 4K monitor, running Cubase 10 Pro on Windows 10.

The only choice we have is 100% or 200% HiDpi scaling:
Using 100% scaling, the font is too small to work (even on the huge HP Z43!).
Using 200% scaling, everything is way too big and it takes up too much screen estate (even on the BenQ 32").

So right now, there’s no way to use Cubase 10 Pro with HiDpi. I suppose 90% of Cubase Windows HiDpi users have the same issue.
In almost every setup, 125% or 150% scaling makes so much more sense.
Please check S1 4.5, the way they implemented HiDpi/Scaling is perfect.

I’m actually doing almost all work in “another” DAW because of this.
Cubase 10 is amazing, but I really hope a solution will come soon.

Why was this choice made (technical limitation?), only 100% or 200% scaling?
Will there be more scaling options in a next maintenance update? Or do we have to wait for the next .5 or even .0 update?

In my opinion, users who use Cubase professionally have the right to know where Steinberg is heading with HiDpi, so they can make the right choice (to avoid frustration).

As a Cubase user for over 22 years (owning multiple Cubase licenses) and working in IT, I would be happy to test/help in case there’s already a bèta version with more scaling options.

Thank you!


check this solution

Thanks! Looks interesting. Unfortunately, I don’t have an Nvidia graphics card, but Intel.
So I’m not able to try this. This workaround will also bring other issues as mentioned in the article.

This is a truly horrible kludge, kind of like Cubase’s menu bar on Windows (too soon?). But I’ll certainly take this in the meantime while Steinberg sorts out the official support, thanks for the tip!

Have to say though, I really disagree with the Reddit poster saying it’s a “perfect result”. Font rendering in Windows is totally ruined when using DSR, no matter the smoothness value. And of course it is. Fonts never do well when any sort of scaling is done to them.

But considering I stare at Cubase/Nuendo all day, it doesn’t really matter if the rest of Windows looks worse. Badly downscaled HiDPI fonts are still better than upscaled LoDPI ones.

Really hoping Steinberg releases official non-integer scaling soon though.

+1 about HiDpi implementation. Why 200% as first option to implement? I guess that most people with high res monitors would probably need to work in 125-150 resize range, and those with high resolution smaller laptop screen may need something like 175%, but I really cannot think of a scenario where 200% is convenient. Why would anyone want to make their hi resolution monitor to act as it is just HD?

Thank you for starting this thread! Steinberg needs to get this sorted as the first thing. To me this is the only issue I want them to solve. I do not even know of any other issues or features of the software, because the current scaling prevents me from using the software. I use a 49" 4k Sony TV that has perfect features for use as a computer monitor, such as low input lag, great colors and non-flickering backlight when using typical (low) brightness. I use Windows 10 with 150 % scaling and all other software works perfectly, including Bitwig Studio that also scales plugins perfectly. The OP described the problem well. I just want to add that the scaling of plugins is broken in the HiDPI mode as well, some plugins cutting the GUI etc.

@Steinberg, can you please give us any more info when we can expect a fix for the cripled HiDpi implementation? Thanks!

Yeah, c’mon Steinberg! Give us some info. I’m dying to know when/if you gonna fix this issue!

This has been raised on numerous previous threads like this one End result nothing has happened and the issue was not addressed at all on subsequent updates. The only conclusion I can draw is that they “Yamaha/Cubase” are not bothered and if they are perhaps they are waiting for a paid upgrade to sort it out. In the meantime I have moved on to another DAW that like most others handles HiDpi scaling perfectly.

Cubase 10 is the first version to make an attempt to support HiDPI.
Give it a few years to mature.

“Give it a few years to mature”

Sorry I won’t. Am using another DAW instead (also from Hamburg), that has much more intuitive and clear GUI on my 4k screen. Isn’t it utterly ridiculous that Steinberg STILL refuses fixing basic GUI issues like these?

Agreed. It seems common practice to release a half-baked feature and take forever to improve/fix it. I expect we’ll see a fix made available as a paid upgrade. I’ve been away from Cubase for some time and decided to take the plunge again with the recent anniversary offer and I can’t say I’m impressed so far. I mean, there’s loads of GREAT stuff in there, but it’s a buggy mess from where I’m sitting.

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There is no chance, that users will wait years, just to be able to use HiDPI in any proper way. Scalling factors of 125% and 150% within Cubase HiDPI mode are a BASIC NECESSITY (not just some possible later option)!

Either this is fixed within this year (2019), or Steinberg will feel the loss of customers. Simple as that.
This would be a pity, since generally Cubase 10 is a fine step in the right direction.

I couldn’t agree more with this. I just bought a brand new 32" 4K monitor, something which I have been holding out doing until Cubase was compatible and on-board with a HiDPI mode. I can’t believe that I need to strain my eyes so badly for so many hours of my working day. 100% is ridiculously small, unworkable in fact. 200% looks hideous, and is a complete step back from my older 2 x 1080p monitor setup.

It is rather shocking that HiDPI can be listed as a new feature, yet hidden in the knowledge base are the actual terms and limitations of using it. Something that most people (like me), won’t find out until they actually purchase a HiDPI compatible screen.

I’ve been toying with the idea of migrating to a different DAW for a couple of years now, but this truly will drive me as a means of necessity, if this isn’t prioritized as an urgent ‘feature’ to be worked on.

And frustratingly yes, a problem in Cubase 10 which otherwise I have found absolutely fantastic.

Exactly. I just upgraded to a 27" 4K monitor especially to use Cubase better. I thought that HiDPI would be more configurable. 100% is unusable, 200% feels like I’m back on my 1080p monitor (maybe even worse).

This is very annoying. And what’s most annoying is that there is no official response (as far as I could tell) to find out if it’s something they’re working on, a possible roadmap or at least some generic interest on Steinberg’s end.

I’m very disappointed from this, especially seeing how great Cubase 10 is. I hope we get some updates soon.

Any update regarding HiDpi in the newly released Cubase 10.5?
Can we use other scaling options besides 100% or 200%?

I also need to know this before upgrading.

I’ve just installed and can confirm that no improvements with HiDPI on Windows have been made.