Proper audio engine: Gapless Audio!

I realized that actually solo/unsolo sometimes works without audio cut out. But for example, when a high latency plugin is present (such as Nebula) it is sure to make dropout when switching tracks in solo.


I have to say that -something- has DEFINITELY changed in C10. I have not had ANY problems since SX4-ish. I’m using the same Sandybridge rig since for-ehhhhver, The -only- variable is C10. And there is one totally reproduceable issue: When I open an editor during playback? HICCOUGH. Never happened before. In fact, I counted on being able to open/close editors and do all manner of tweaking as I played through a CPR. Now? It’s a crap shoot. Totally stressful.

#1. This is the first thing i noticed when starting on Cubase. Its annoying.

Well, you may be right. But they really shouldn’t wait for people to complain.

+1.many year’s requested,maybe will
Be avaliable in 2045 cubase 30 pro +

Just wondering, does anyone not have this issue?

Is it better or non-existent on a Mac? I am on Windows 10 and noticed most of the other posters here are using Windows also.

I noticed the issue when switching between stereo and mono in the Control Room.

I never thought about that until i read this thread. Its very annoying and i thought all daws did this.



+1 Very frustrating issue that other DAWs I’ve used has at this point in time don’t have. When I have people over here for sessions they often comment on it, “why is it dropping out??”-- I’m not joking. They come from PT, Studio, Logic, others.

Everyone has this issue.

Hi In Stereo,

Thanks for confirming this.


+1 And sometimes audio comes back in erratically for a moment, and can even hurt the ears. At the very least, it makes A/B comparison difficult and fatiguing. VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE FOR WORKING ARTISTS/MIXERS

+1 This would be amazing!!

Seamless playback is a major feature for ProTools 2019

Used to it, but agree. Kinda annoying thing. For those who tries to move to Cubase from another DAW could be potentialy
decisive factor