Proper audio engine: Gapless Audio!

Well, you may be right. But they really shouldn’t wait for people to complain.

+1.many year’s requested,maybe will
Be avaliable in 2045 cubase 30 pro +

Just wondering, does anyone not have this issue?

Is it better or non-existent on a Mac? I am on Windows 10 and noticed most of the other posters here are using Windows also.

I noticed the issue when switching between stereo and mono in the Control Room.

I never thought about that until i read this thread. Its very annoying and i thought all daws did this.



+1 Very frustrating issue that other DAWs I’ve used has at this point in time don’t have. When I have people over here for sessions they often comment on it, “why is it dropping out??”-- I’m not joking. They come from PT, Studio, Logic, others.

Everyone has this issue.

Hi In Stereo,

Thanks for confirming this.


+1 And sometimes audio comes back in erratically for a moment, and can even hurt the ears. At the very least, it makes A/B comparison difficult and fatiguing. VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE FOR WORKING ARTISTS/MIXERS

+1 This would be amazing!!

Seamless playback is a major feature for ProTools 2019

Used to it, but agree. Kinda annoying thing. For those who tries to move to Cubase from another DAW could be potentialy
decisive factor


Is this simply a legacy issue from the 386 4mB RAM processor days?


Needs to happen.

I’ve been thinking about why this problem has increased dramatically in C10…and it occurred to me that one of the biggest under the hood things they’ve done with C10 is how the program now deals with high res monitors.

I think there is some sort of correlation between C10’s widget elements changing states in the GUI interfering with the audio engine. It’s as though what they did to upgrade monitor performance is now bottlenecking audio calls to the CPU. I say this because all kinds of GUI elements that never used to affect playback integrity are now doing so. Just a empirical guess.