Proper audio engine: Gapless Audio!

did Steinberg ever discuss this issue in this forum? I would really like to have feedback on this request.


I never thought about this as a feature request, but I do agree that it’s annoying lol… sometimes I specifically hold off on adding a track or whatever because I don’t want the audio to pause/skip lol… so +1 to this. I’d vote for it if I hadn’t already used my 3 votes.

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believe me or not. I wrote about this issue when I bought version 4. :woozy_face:

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at this point it’s really embarrassing for steinberg to not solve this issue in cubendo. such respected programs that used by many and one of the inventors of DAWs.
i think its should be steinberg’s first priority to fix this for their programs and their users/customers.
the only DAW of the serious ones that still have this audio gaps.