Proper Backup function please

The only way to backup a project is a glorified ‘Copy Folder’ function in the form of ‘Backup Project’ that doesn’t have a key command and doesn’t allow for the user to re backup a project without creating another folder. I would like to backup the cpr onto another drive or even cloud storage with a simple KC.

There’s dedicated backup sotware that will compare versions and save wherever you want…and monitor live, probably not something Steinberg needs to waste time and effort on…you can also use copy and paste :slight_smile:



3rd party software hey? Is there a KC for backing up with this software?
The idea is to be able to hit one KC and save on drive (D) (Cubase Projects) and hit another KC and save on drive (E) (Cubase Projects Backup). Boom!
Copy paste would involve:
File explorer>Cubase Projects>Current Project>click on latest>right click copy>double click Cubase Projects drive (E)>click on current project folder>right click paste>close window.
9 steps.

You could learn how to use a RAID disc array.
Or, You could run any number of cloning solutions (manually or in the background).

RAID means everything that is happening on drive (D) would be happening on drive (E), not ideal.
I only want to ‘Clone’ Cubase projects, not everything on drive (D).
Cubase has a backup project function, but does not allow for multiple saves in the same folder. ‘Folder should be empty!’ is what I get if I try to re-backup the current project.
Again, simple request. Safety first I always say. So backing up projects on a separate drive should be quick and simple and not involve running separate programs in the background.

Thing is it is a pretty unique feature request. I’ve never seen any software that does this, nor have I ever seen it requested before for anything. It’s possible you are the only person on earth who wants this - probably there are others, but maybe not.

No, but I’m pretty sure you could have Windows Task Scheduler trigger an action based on Cubase saving a file.

I’ve always thought this function was poorly named since it doesn’t perform a ‘backup’ in any traditional sense that a sysadmin would use the term. What it really does it it creates a brand new, independent Project based on the currently active Project - more of a copy function.

It seems that ‘Backing-up’ a project is in the traditional sense is designed as a safeguard against losing particular editing and work that has been done to a project. I suppose I am asking for a back-up function that safeguards against a drive failing.
Its cumbersome to have to manually navigate to the back up folder of a particular project every time I decide to back it up. I should only have to show Cubase once for every project and Cubase should then remember from then on.

Actually it is ideal. Disc arrays have been in use in studios and professional productions for over 30 years.
No need to even think about a custom keystroke. Redundancy is hard wired.

That said. I use a free app for doing backups on the fly that I found years ago.
The one I use is only for mac but I’m sure there are many apps for PC.

At the beginning of the session I drag my project folder to my back-up drive.
Then, in the sync app I select the project file folder as my source, choose the other folder on the other drive for my target. Then I leave the app open during the session. And that’s it. The one additional step I take, which is not necessary is I’ll amend the title of the backup folder so it’s very clear which is which.

Every few minutes I simply hit the synchronize button. It’s just that simple.
It takes seconds and It does not interfere with the session whatsoever.

Do some homework. I’m sure there’s a PC app out there that will do exactly the same thing.


I agree. Back in the day it was called “archive”. Which makes more sense. Not sure why they changed it.

The traditional approach would be to setup daily OS level backups. Yeah that still leaves a small window between when your file is saved and the backup occurs. So there is potential of loosing a days work if you backup daily. Heck you could even set OS backups to capture changes on your Project disk multiple times a day. If that’s too much risk for you and you want to constantly protect against disk failure, well that is exactly what RAID was developed to do.

I’d totally forgotten about that - and yes it is a much more accurate description of what it does.

This should be a simple safeguard in 2021 programs. I don’t see the need for extra background services to be running. A simple KC would suffice.

Can you name any program that has this feature? Music, photo, video, animation…? I’ll take any example.
Take responsibility for your data management.

Soon people will be complaining that we need software to come up with musical ideas for us…
oh wait…
that’s already happening.
We’re doomed !

Simple request, probably easy to implement. Safeguards against disk failure, corrupt project files and mistaken overwrites of project files. Win win all round.

And yet it appears to have never been implemented by anybody, anywhere on the planet. Wonder why?

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People must love’a’click-click-click’n. Not this chick-chick-chicken!.
So saving a project in a different location be it drive (E) or cloud storage, involves first navigating to the folder and saving the project. Then next time a simple save is performed, one must direct Cubase back to the project folder on Drive (D). This would cut out all of this back and forth between locations.
I am certain that people are backing their work up in multiple locations. And I am certain that a well implemented backup feature would benefit many people.