Proper chords

How do I make cubase play chords what they really are?
When I have some crazy chord like F#minor11 - cubase plays it like a normal F#minor using only 4 notes - in piano mode. So i change it to Basic mode, one problem solved, but now there is another chord Cmaj7/G played like normal Cmaj7 without the root note. Shouldn’t basic mode include a root note when it’s shifted? How do I solve it?
Is there an option to play any number of notes that’s needed to play a chord properly?

enable the button for live input, then play the chord via midi. that’s the best way I’ve found so far. Overall using a midi track is clearly better to use after roughing in parts, I also find it hard not having 5th chords as a lot of rock is just 5ths.

Yes, i play a chord and cubase recognize it, but it doesn’t play it the same way I did

Turn off “Adaptive Voicing” and set the chord inversions from the Info Line. The best way to get “perfect chords,” imho, is to create them yourself, but the Cubase voicing library covers a good selection of standard chord inversions and some voicings.

I agree with the comment on Fifth Chord – it would be great if Cubase did Fifth and Fourth (Quartal) chords. I’m pretty sure that and similar have been asked for in the past. Perhaps this part of Cubase will be improved in future versions? It wold be great.

+1 for 5th chord. Is there an official feature request thread for this?

Or you could use Cthulhu and make your own chord library, and play in whatever chords you want.