proper configuration for RMAA test UR22

I’ve recently bought the UR22 mk2

I would like to duplicate the test presented on this webpage:

I’m trying to do a loopback test with a 1/4" patch cable from line in directly to line out using Right Mark Audio Analyser (RMAA) 5.5

I am having difficulty setting up the test. I wonder if anybody could help me.
Samples buffer size 256.
I’ve got the output knob on maximum, and the MIX knob set to DAW.
Then I’m increasing the input gain until it is at -1dB.
RMAA is then complaining “PROBLEM: Inter-channel leakage in the recorded signal. Possible cause: connection cables, swapped channels.”
Anyway, I tested at 44 KHz, 48 KHz, 96 KHz and 192 KHz.
Between tests I change the sample rate in the Yamaha audio usb driver and also in RMAA.
I am using the 32bit (float) sample mode in RMAA.

44 KHz, noise level -100.3 dBA, dynamic range 100.2 dBA, THD 0.0092, IMD+noise 0.0093, stereo crosstalk -84.1, IMD+N (swept freq) % 0.0091
48 KHz, noise level -100.5 dBA, dynamic range 100.4 dBA, THD 0.0093, IMD+noise 0.0094, stereo crosstalk -84.1, IMD+N (swept freq) % 0.0091

However, when I change the overall sample rate to 96 KHz, I can’t adjust the input level to -1 dB anymore like what was perfectly doable at 44 and 48 KHz. The input levels that were at -1 dB with 48 KHz are now around -75dB.
Increasing the input gain to max results in a maximum signal level of -7 dB with lots of harmonics generation.

What’s going on? This seems to only happen when the PLAYBACK is set to anything higher than 48 KHz, it doesn’t matter what the Recording sample rate is.


  1. could this be a USB bandwidth issue? I’ve got a pentium core i7-4800 MH @ 2.7 GHz on a laptop.
  2. what could I do to improve these results?