Proper Piano Notation Question

Hi, I’m notating a simple left-hand piano line, imported from a midi file, but I’m unsure what the proper notation is, please have a look here:

I’m playing the pattern with the sustain pedal down, to let the notes ring. So does this mandate that I make them all quarter notes? The midi file only read me playing them in as eighths, so it has me confused. Having the rests there seems contradictory to the sound. What is the proper notation for a case such as this?

I would leave it as it is, or even mark all the quavers with staccato dots. The rests are a visual indication to the player not to hold the keys down and play it legato.

This is one of the few times when a piano pedal mark is work including in the score because it isn’t “obvious” how to pedal it. So don’t give the player an excuse to ignore the pedal mark and play everything legato without the pedal!

Ok, that makes sense. Thanks!