Proper protocol for using ARA?

When using Melodyne with ARA do you render and turn the extension off or do you leave it running what way do you guys do this? Would bounce selection be better option here?

If you use ARA the remove extension the tuning will be gone if you don’t render first, what is the correct process for this?

Im going to dive into Melodyne training vids tonight, to brush up, but neither videos for melodyne or vocalign show you what to do once you have processed the desired results.

To expand on this a little does anyone understand the file structure when using melodyne with ARA, what happens original etc?

EDIT I found the make permanent option!

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Yes, that’s new with Cubase 12. Earlier you had to Render to capture the ARA edits. While using ARA applications they keep their working files in the Project’s ARA sub-folder.


I wonder if there is any advantage or disadvantage to “Make Permanent”, vs “Render” , vs “Bounce”?

(I’ve been doing “Bounce”, working OK …)

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Maybe, but it seems like they are all basically doing the same thing - making a new audio file based on your modifications. It would be interesting to create all three and null test them against each other. Not interesting enough to actually do, but still interesting…

In the absence of a compelling reason to use one over the other I’ll typically pick whatever option is easiest for me. So I switched to Make Permanent as soon as it came out.


Yes make permanent seems like the official way so I’ll stick with that. Raino you don’t happen to have a working script for mpk 261 do you?

Nope, had to google to even see what it was.