Proper remote control for Cubase

Hi guys, will Cubase get propper remote control that lets us actually see everything we are doing in Cubase but directly within the app?

If you mean the app that hasn’t received any update for more than 4 years, I’m not so sure.
Maybe Steinberg is working on it and preparing a big update, but currently, no one knows.

My suggestions for Steinberg if you read this :
You should develop an easy way to connect to the remote app, like a little connection window directly within Cubase that shows a code, then we must enter that code in the app, and when it is connected it says “Connected to device name”. A server of yours would be required for the connecting process, but once the connection is established, it would work directly in peer-to-peer and would allow low latency and even multiple users (remote apps) to connect to the same Cubase instance in the best case (and even better transmit the audio for remote mixing).
No need to be on the same network and use this archaic SKI Remote any longer !

It already works like this with Sonobus.
There’s no reason it could not be implemented in Cubase/Nuendo. If you do that then you’re a real winner !