proper time display always wrong on startup


For decade i don’t have this working right :
When i open a session it’s always timecode that is displayed on my main ruler. Maybe that’s because i have video in all my sessions… i don’t know but i always have to go to the transport and (that shows bars on primary display) to select bars (again) so the main ruler goes to bar display… now i can start to work. using my keycommand to switch between primary and secondary time display does not work at this moment until i manualy do this thing i described. anyone has this problem ?

Yes, I also experienced (for years and years) this annoying issue on my rigs, and it even goes further:
I’ve got a lot of ruler tracks in my templates which don’t show the time-format they were saved in.
I noticed though, that when I set all my Ruler Tracks and the Main Ruler to the same format, and I change the Main Ruler to another format (e.g. when I work all the time in “TIMECODE” and I switch it into “BARS & BEATS”) then; the next time I open Nuendo all of my Ruler Tracks have changed to this new format.

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Very annoying

Niek/ Amsterdam.