Proper Trackpad support

Many people have the added bonus or the exclusive draw back of using a trackpad.
It would be nice if Cubase supported this properly, for example.

Pinch To Zoom
Smooth scrolling from side to side (currently ,very sensitive)

+1. My biggest bugbear is that using gesture-based scrolling on a trackpad is impossible in the mixer — you have to be at a certain place to enable scrolling; elsewhere you end up changing parameters… which, on the mixer, cannot be undone with a simple cntrl/apple+z.

YES!!! I NEED THAT TRACKPAD ZOOM!!! I use it in Logic and Studio One and then go to mix in Cubase and do the gesture only to realize… “MARIO YOU ARE I CUBASE!!!”… The would speed up my workflow 1000 fold!!!

+1 zoom and scrolling are super buggy on the track pad

Any news about this on recent versions of Cubase?
I’m still using the last version of Cubase 8 (.0.40) and
the jumpy scroll is really annoying…

I have the Logitech Trackpad. Would like better support.