Proper way to import mix settings from project to project

Hey all… been doing some research… and i’ve decided the time has come to figure out the PROPER way to do this, so here I am starting a thread on it.

So long story short… I mix records and EPs. ALOT. Up until now, i’ve simply mixed all songs in the SAME PROJECT (pretty much ever since the SX1 days), which as you can imagine definitely places demands on my CPU usage that would make most folks cringe, due to things like track count and DSP.

Basically, I’m interested in attempting to keep all projects/songs in their separate Cubase projects. My question for the forum is - Is there an easy way to do this in 6.5.4 or C7? I know that in Protools you simply name tracks consistently, and then there’s an option to carry over settings, PT then goes in, matches up the track names and applies settings. Is it that simple in Cubase nowadays? I attempted this once back in the SX1 days, then again in the SX3 days. It was kind of a nightmare, so I decided to stick with what was working - mixing all the songs in the same project.

I obviously cannot be the first person that has run into this… how does everyone else do it? or am I simply better off stickin with what has worked all these years?

Time to get disciplined… Indeed, using seperate folders for each and every project you are working on is the basic rule for an efficient Cubase usage, even a test one.

Beside this, I think you are making a mess about all this. Suggestions :

  1. For retrieving all the settings of a project as a whole, including the mixer ones, the best is to use templates. They are made for this and you can define as much as you want, according to your needs. You can also use the ‘File/Back up project…’ option if you just want to create directly a new project from an existing one : just be sure that both projects will not share the same folder.

  2. For retrieving the mixer settings of a a specific channel, the .vmx files are your friends. You can use them either for this or for saving a whole mixer configuration (right click in the mixer window and choose what you want to save, the selected track or the whole mixer).

  3. For retrieving a whole track configuration, you can also use the track presets (right click on the track and choose ‘Save track preset…’). It will save the configuration and settings of it, including some of the mixer ones (inserts, sends, equalizer settings…), but beware : the settings saved are dependent of the kind of the track (see the manual, p.332 for more details). There is also a persisting issue about it : if you rely on third party plug-in presets management, the track presets won’t save the preset used. It will only retrieve vstpresets that you could have defined for it, which means that you have to convert all the plug-in presets from its proprietary format to vstpresets ones.

So, all is about testing to find what suits to your need. If, as it seems, you essentially want to retrieve specific mixer settings, just use the .vmx files.

Thanks for the reply dude! And yes I already knew about VMX files, templates, whatnot…

But I think I didn’t state the question properly. I’ll use PT as an example: Protools has an “Import Session Data” option where you can apply settings from all the tracks to any track of your choice and away you go, no templates, no presets, etc. I’ve attached a screenshot so you can get an idea…

Is there nothing like this in Cubase? And if not, why isn’t there? It seems like it would be simple enough to code an algorithm to do this. If there isn’t, is there a place where I can put in a feature request? :smiley:

Perhaps even a PROJECT SYNC feature, where you can assign a MASTER PROJECT and as many SLAVE PROJECTS as you want, and then the SLAVE projects will automatically sync track settings to this MASTER project upon opening?