"Proper" way to move VST Sound folder to external drive?

I’m new to Cubase and just purchased Cubase Pro 9. I can’t seem to find any agreement or mention of the safest or most correct way of moving Cubase’s included sample content to an external drive on a Mac. I would prefer if the samples were not stored on my main SSD drive.

Is it as simple as moving the VST Sound folder to the external drive and just creating an alias? I would like to get things installed properly from the start in order to avoid future headaches.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The installer does offer that option but you have to watch very closely! Without having to uninstall/reinstall everything again, you can move the individual files and then leave a shortcut to it in its place.

Thanks MrSoundman,

I tired to be careful. It was tedious to have to individually select the external drive for every single folder.

When I updated to 9.0.1, I had to go through the entire process again. The installer didn’t “remember” my external drive, it tried to install all of the sample content to my main SSD again. Has that been your experience too when installing an update?

Thanks again.

Yes, unfortunately! The installation process has improved dramatically over the years, but I think the assumption the installer makes is that everyone will simply have enough space, and favours simplicity over flexibility.

Thank you. I appreciate your help!

Unless your SSD is full/to small forit, it is a good place to have your content as cubase scans them when opening. Startup and loading will be faster.
You can also remove what you don’t use (most of it here).
In my experience if you move the content cubase asks you where you put it and that will fix it without aliases.

I use Mac too and I have tried this and it’s working, releasing 26GB+ hardisk space on my System Drive. Can this helps you too? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JB_coW-1hoA