Proper Way to Uninstall Dorico 4?

Sorry if this is already answered.

I just installed D5, but D4 is still there with all the bells/whistles/libraries that go with it.

I have limited space on my Mac, so what is the proper way to uninstall Dorico 4 without hosing Dorico 5 install? I want to get rid of everything from 4 and leave only the 5 files.



The only thing related to Dorico 4 that is not also used by Dorico 5 that will be taking up space is the Dorico 4 application package in the Applications folder, but my advice would be to hang on to it for a few days in case you run into any problems that require you to go back to running Dorico 4 again (hopefully you won’t!).

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Thank you Daniel. As usual, STELLAR and FAST support!