Proper window management please!!!!

Hi Guys,

As much as I love everything to do with Nuendo/Cubase, there are a few things in dire need of an update.
Window management is one of those.
Workspaces just don’t seem to work right, no matter what I try.

Takes this scenario:
I’ve created a composition template for 2 monitors that shows the project window on the left monitor (so far so good), and the vsti instrument rack, edit channel window, pool, arrange editor, marker list, condensed mix console and undo list on the right monitor.
Most of these are set to ‘on top’ mode OFF, as it seems that when windows are set to be ‘always on top’, they jump to the main monitor on workspace recall.

But for some reason this setup won’t recall correctly; the edit window doesn’t come up, and neither do the arrange and undo windows.
If I have a mixer with ‘on top’ enabled, it always seems to recall to the main window.

Is there any way to fix this, and when oh when will we see a more unified windowing system (have a look at the adobe cc suite if you need inspiration of how it could work), where windows can scale and adapt to other windows.

It is frustrating to create some form of order out of multiple windows, some of which are non-resizable or re-ordering-able , only to find that your carefully crafted workspace won’t recall correctly anyway.

Oh, and while we’re at it, can we get a better macro editor?
The macro editor in combination with the project logical editor is a hidden gem that can be great at automating certain tasks and organising/naming your session, but it’s woefully underdeveloped.
The macro editor is a bit of a pain to access, and it doesn’t surprise me that a lot of people haven’t even ventured close to it, due to its somewhat hidden nature and arcane setup functionality.

Rant off…love Nuendo, but some of this stuff needs work…

I’m not having these problems with Workspaces at all. Just one question; have you maximised your Project Window?


well, it is maximised across two monitors…you can’t do that with the standard maximise so it is dragged sized accross two windows…

Ah. I was going to say that maximising is the cause of most problems, but you’re not doing that. As I only have my Project window on one monitor, and everything else on the other, I’m assuming that this is why I don’t have the problems.



I´m having exactly the same problem. It has been said for a long time, window management needs a make-over

Tried it again last night, fresh session, fresh screenset/workspace…

Some windows just don’t get stored. For example, in recent work the arrange editor has seen a lot more use, so I like to have the window open at all times; this doesn’t get stored in the workspace.

Same for the undo window, which, when you’re doing a lot of editing and using branches as well, as nice to keep track of.

The edit channel window seems to have a mind of its own on whether it will go with the workspace or not.
And unfortunately there is no way to lock it to just display the audio channel (when using a midi vsti).

Last but not least, I’m unsure on whether the ‘on top’ setting gets stored…and if so, it doesn;t seem to put windows back in their original stored position.

Moan moan, it’s a really annoying thing as the rest of the program is pretty f*king fabulous! :smiley:

Have my project window on left monitor, but not maximized. Only draw over the complete screen. On right monitor is the mixer in full screen modus. Plugins with “always on top” on, open on my project window. This works good for me.

Ok, there are optimization potential, but I hope, not like in WLab 7/8 …

I use one monitor, maximised. When I open the midi editor or input/output dialog they also go full screen. I’d like to keep Nuendo maximised, but these other windows should be freely adjustable. When the crossfade editor screen comes up it kicks Nuendo out of the maximised layout.

There must be a way to deal with this

Nuendo and Cubase, on PC, were designed using Microsoft’s Multiple Document Interface (MDI). This is the root cause of the bizarre and frustrating window behavior.

This MDI has long ago been deprecated by Microsoft.

What is especially frustrating about this crippled window behavior is that Cu/Nu has been re-written from the ground up on several occasions but this basic flaw has not been corrected.

In fact, there was a point as which Steinberg was not only ignoring the MDI problem but also had the bright idea to eliminate the Close and Restore window controls. (PG, who writes WaveLab, not only has all three window controls for all windows, but was smart enough to add a fourth the “window shade”. So not everyone at Steinberg is, well, you know…)

One doesn’t need too much insight to see that a program which, by its very nature, uses many windows, needs to have window control and flexibility increased, not decreased. Needless to say, Steinberg did not have the needed insight. Although they did, eventually, replace the Close control in some windows.

So, note to Steinberg: thanks for that.

another thing I don´t like is the waste of screen space with the thick and totally uselss window borders, not maximized you have the double borders of the program and of the project window, plus every now and then the scroll bars on the right and lower side pop up and claim even more screenspace for nothing. So yeah this Windows MDI really is a PITA