Properly disconnecting UR44 from usb port, procedure

Hey all,
I will apologise because I know this is a relatively stupid question but what is the proper, precise procedure for disconnecting my UR44 from my laptop?
I only ask because this is my first audio interface, and my only other experience with anything similar was with my 8track digital recorder, the Tascam DP-01. For that unit, the instructions were VERY specific about every detail of procedure for connecting and disconnecting it from my PC and warned that any deviance from that procedure could severely damage the device.
Especially since the **44 is a new product, I want to be especially careful in doing everything perfect so that if anything doesnt work or goes wrong I can be sure it is a fault in the device and not me.
For the one time I had it on to register etc, to disconnect it I “ejected” it from my laptop, put the UR44 in “standby”, then unplugged the usb and power cables. (All aplications were closed before doing this).
I’m assuming the procedure is the same as with the UR22, but I couldnt find a clear answer from that unit’s manual either.

That sounds as good a procedure as any, and one I myself might adhere to.
The unit is proper plug-&-play so there should be no adverse effects from just unplugging it. I would however at least recommend that any applications using it, first be terminated as you describe in your current approach.

Oh it’s a “Plug and play” type device? So I technically don’t even have to “eject” it or put it on standby - I can just pull the usb plug outright?

With the appropriate
USB Port Precautions NOTICE:
Be sure to observe the following points when connecting to the computer’s USB interface.
Failing to do so may result in the computer freezing or shutting down, as well as corruption or even loss of data. If the device or computer does freeze, restart the application or computer.
• Be sure to wake the computer from sleep/ suspended/stand by mode before making a connection to the computer’s USB port.
• Before turning on the power to the device, connect the computer to the USB port.
• Before turning on/off the device or plugging/ unplugging the USB cable, quit any open application software on the computer.
• When connecting or disconnecting the USB cable, be sure to set all output level controls to the minimum.
• Wait at least six seconds between connecting or disconnecting the USB cable.
No you don’t need to “eject” it but I would turn it off or put it on standby, though I think you’ll find it will automatically go into standby.