Properly transfer projects from win HD to mac hd

Hello there.
I just moving from win to mac. I have all my projects on one HD that was used on win comp. How do I transfer it to mac HD? Any video links or so?


To transfer a project from one (any) computer to other one, use the File > Backup Project function.

This will put all (and only) project related files to a new folder. Then you know you take all files with you and you don’t take unnecessary files.

MacOS can mount a Windows HD read-only, You’ll need to put the drive into an external enclosure, or some other way to connect it. For example,,able%20to%20write%20to%20it.
Don’t buy a utility for Mac to use NTFS disks, it’s completely unnecessary. I mention that because the first ten gazillion results in an Internet search are ads for such products.

@Martin.Jirsak - backup each individual project? Seems quite onerous.


Great tip Steve. Thx

this is obvious, but not practical when you move over 2000 projects from one HD to another. Thx anyway!